Search for " Astral Philippines " as our official Facebook Page.

Be guided that your warranty will not be honored if bought from other facebook page.

Absolutely, not. This is purely plug and play that has no wire-splicing during installation process. This can be done as Do-it-Yourself (DIY) but we recommend to bring it to professional installer.  

Yes, we mostly serve within Metro Manila with additional fee although Astral offers free shop installation once you've free time. For customers outside Metro Manila, we can ship nationwide for free via Cash On Delivery and refer an installer based in your area.

Of course, we advise to review first our warranty policy at www. astralph.com/return-policy. We only recognize, on the other hand, products bought from this site only or our official Facebook page (ASTRAL PH). Astral PH isn't affiliated to other Facebook Pages carrying the brand, and will not entertain any post-purchase and warranty-related concerns bought from other sellers. Don't risk buying outside of our official sales channels,

Due to pandemic, our warehouse has suffered, just like everyone else,  from labor shortage which our demand in terms of quantity can't be met. But we assure that we provide original Astral made in Thailand bought from this site or its official page.

Most likely, your car model is not available although we can preorder for specific car  with lead time 3-6 weeks and we may require deposit fee. 

Astral units support Apple Carplay or Android Auto by using wired/wireless dongle.

Yes, it will retain the function of your steering wheel control especially the buttons. 

Definitely, yes! You may opt to retain or replace it with our reverse camera. 

 Absolutely, yes! This supports 360 camera of your car.

Installation process isn't complicated for this plug & play product. Just bring it to any local autoshops or casa.


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